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Mr. Vince Clark


2018 Superintendent Evaluation Evidence


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School Safety / Spring 2018


Principal Selection


Profile of a Graduate


Personalized Learning


BOE Meeting Dates for 2018


Supt Leadership Evidence for SPGES 2018


Supt Slide Show Jan 2017


Supt 2016 Year in Pictures


Supt Leadership Doc / KDE for BOE


Supt Summative KDE Doc for BOE



Back to School Letter 2017


Back to School Letter 2016


First Week Report Letter 2016



Admin Retreat Info




         Supt ppt on Chilean Mine Rescue


         R Massey ppt on Legal Updates


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District Local Planning Committee Info


          LPC Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Sign In for July 14, August 9/29, Sept. 29 and Nov. 3.


          PPT-Orientation 1


          LPC Performance Report


          LPC Demographic-Transportation-Finance Report


          LPC Per Pupil Expenditure


          LPC Orientation #2 ppt




Superintendent's Slide Show- Jan 2016


Superintendent Leadership Plan 2016


Back to school letter-Staff -2015


Back to school letter- Students, Parents & Community-2015


BOE Response to ALL "A"s All or None Rule


Early Graduation Parent Letter


Board of Education Meeting Dates, Times and Locations


District Mission, Vision and ROCKET Way Beliefs


Search and Seizure Policy